drift drop disappear

Copyright © 2014 Jun Park


Work title: drift, drop, disappear

Form: total installation

Material and Methode: c-print, hydrophobic nano-surface coating, glass flask, video, performance document



''drift, drop, disappear'' is a narrative installation. As the title indicates, in this work, I focused on the physical transformation of water, its vaporization and liquefaction. I tried to produce with my imagination about and inspiration from vapour in the air, which is invisible. The making of this work was conducted during my 4 months Residency at the KIMM (institute of machinery & materials in korea). When I first moved to the laboratory, there was a 'water' study under way the Nano Nature Lab. They were trying to freely shape the water droplet from based on its nano-structure, which was inspired by the 'lotus surface' and 'back of beetle'. Besides, the studying the collecting of vapours in the air and getting water from them was part of the process as well.

I want to make people think about the meaning of nature and our attitude towards nature through technology, inspired by my 'water' work under the theme of 'co-existence' between nature and humanity.


vapour collecting performance

photo document, c-print, 160 x 200 cm


I documented the process of collecting vapour from mountain fog inside a glass flask during sunrise. The fog is formed by the temperature difference between the air and the surface of earth, and is vapourized back to the air in the course of time with the heat of the sun. In this temporary phenomenon that shows the circulation of nature, I conducted my performance of collecting vapours in the air while wandering around the mountain in a white disinfected cloth in order to express my thoughts on nature and humanity.

Tattoo performance

video document, sketch


This performance shows the making of a tattoo on my body that using water instead of ink in order to visualize the micro world at the nanoscale of water. The sketch represents the chemical structure of 6 water molecules (H2O), Reportedly, one drop of water consists of 10^26 water molecules.

I intended to make the tattoo disappear over the course of time, such as a drop of water vaporizes into the air.

object installation

water droplet, hydrophobic nano-surface coating, aluminum plate, 10 x 10 cm


The installation show tention between surface of water droplet and a aluminum plate which using hydrophobic nano-surface coating techniques. This techniques make the water droplet freely roll on a plate depend on angle.

Over time, this artifical tention slowly disappear by natural dry.

exhibition view


tattoo performance: https://vimeo.com/74385009