I am an Artifact

Copyright © 2014 Jun Park


Work title: I am an Artifact

Form: total installation

Material and Methode: MRI scan, 3D print, Laser cutting, 2 chanel video, Aerogel, Beeswax, Acrylic panel, Ultrasonic humidifier



''I am an Artifact'' is an installation that was developed with the participation of two laboratories. Firstly, my whole body was scanned with magnet resonance imaging (MRI) to obtain digital information of my body in the department of radiology in Düsseldorf Germany. This information was used to create the work with the help of a medical imaging software, a 3D printer, a laser cutter and at least in form of manual sculpting. Secondly, my forefinger was recreated out of a material called ‘Aerogel’ at the institute of materials physics in Cologne Germany. This special material is known as the lightest solid in the world. This work has begun as a theme with the basic assumption that I am an artifact. The meaning of the artifact as something that humans have done and made, enabled me to unplug my body from nature. Another meaning of the artifact, namely, as an error or as an unexpected result in a computer system appeared on the course of the work.

MRI Scan: Photodocument

my whole body was scanned with Magnet resonance imaging (MRI) about an hour.


a floating body: videoinstallation

the installation consists of two digital picture frame. The video on the left is recorded at the same time during MRI scan. On the right side is a animated video with 1000 single MRI images of my body.


permable heart: sculpture

''permeable heart'' is interactive sculpture with shadow play. After MRI scanning of my whole body, I tried to create manually original size of my heart with my MRI data and Beeswax.


unknown organ: object

''unknown organ'' is created with conceptual Idea. The organ, what I don‘t know, what it is, in my body, is printed with MRI data and 3D printer.


Test_Brain Test_Heart: Object

These two 3D printed Objects are created with sample-organ-data in work process.

empty portrait: Object

''empty portrait'' is created with 225 layer of transparent acrylic plate, which has 2mm thickness. The artist‘s head that located in the middle of acrylic cube is empty. each layer of head has hollowed out by laser cutter after 3D scan of my head.


empty portrait: Object

top view


Lab Table: Object

''Lab Table'' is an installation to represent my experience and work process in laboratory. In institute of materials physics in Cologne German was researched to create my forefinger with new material called 'Aerogel'. This special material is known the lightest solid in the world.

Lab Table: Object

Aerogel-finger and work process


exhibition view


video installation: https://vimeo.com/58799401